Free To Air FAQs Page

Q. What other equipment do I need to use a FTA receiver?

A. You will need to have a properly pointed 18" DirecTV or Dish net dish and LNB installed, with a RG-6 feed from that Dish. That's it!!

Q. Will this receiver allow you to view DirecTV?

A. NO, DirecTV uses a totally different broadcast system.

Q. Will this receiver allow you to watch all Nagra Encodings.

A. YES, Free To Air Receivers are able to receive all Nagra Encodings.

Q. Ok, what can I view with this receiver?

A. Free To Air Receivers will allow you to receive and view the following Satellites

All Dishnet (Echostar) Satellites, (61.5W, 110.0W, 119.0W 121.0W, 148W...etc) All Available channels.
All Movies, All Sports, All Adult Movies, All Specialty Channels !!!

All other NAGRA Encoded Satellite Streams

Over 60 Free To Air Satellites and 9 other Nagravision Satellites as well.

Q. Do I need any special dishes or LNB's?

A. If you only wanted to set up the receiver to watch Dishnet satellites, then NO.

You can use any Dishnet or DirecTV 18" satellite dish and either a Dishnet or DirecTV LNB. They are the same frequency.

You CANNOT use a Dish 500 auto switching dual headed FATHEAD LNB or an In-line SW21 Sw41 etc. To use your Dish 500 Fat head LNB you must purchase 2 regular dishnet LNBs and use a Diseqc 4 in 1 switch. This replaces your fathead lnb and takes about a minute to install, no-repointing no hassle.

This receiver comes with a Switch for use with 4 sat feeds into 1 input. This is needed for a multidish install
( I.E. Echo 110.0W and 119.0W)

You will be able to hook-up 4 different Satellite feeds in to the switch and view 4 different Satellite feeds.

If you wish to receive European Satellite feeds, then you will need a 30" dish and a different type of LNB.

If you do not have a compatible dish we sell a dish that will allow you to pickup both dish networks 110 and 119 dish at the same time.



Q. Where do I get support?

A. Right Here, we will post all the info you need in our FTA Forum

Q. How much is Shipping?

A. Shipping is set at a standard rate of $20 per order for any US or CDN customer for the receiver. $50 per order for the Combo. For orders to the Caribbean, please contact us for shipping rates.

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